People can't get enough of Loveswell! Loveswell so touched people's lives that they honored the show with standing ovations and returned again and again, bringing new friends and family to experience this hilariously thoughtful uplifting story.

"Recommended!!"  (Read Full Review Below)
"I recommend this show.  Full of funny monologues with poignant moments...hilarious this terrific portrayal of love and marriage.

--Elizabeth Lopez,

"Loveswell is such a wonderful little discovery to find in the middle of Hollywood.  Both John's writing and performance were pure perfection.  I have been thinking about it all day.  SO powerful and HILARIOUS on top of it all!!!!  A show with deep heart and soul, and many, many laugh out loud moments.  Its billed as being about surfing, and it does honor the sport in such a way that it compels you to want to get out and surf the first chance you have.  But mostly Loveswell is a deeply touching, and extraordinarily forthcoming love story." - Tracy Thorpe, Actress, Second City Alum

"A comic, zen-like examination of courtship and marriage, John Fortson’s “Loveswell” examines romance through the eyes of a surfer. Fortson is excellent, capturing the emotional essence of each person... Director Terrie Silverman develops fine pacing that benefits from Fortson's good timing and energy...Fortson comes across as refreshingly honest and real." - Times

“John was fantastic.  I just love listening to his voice.  This show is very important.  We NEVER hear the guys point of view unless it’s someone like Woody Allen etc.  I was blown away.”
- Barbara Deutsch

"Such an inspiration.  What funny, so moving - incredible work!"
- Kurt Haas, Writer/Director

"John Forston's Loveswell does what Theatre should do...See ourselves reflected back in a most honest, intimate way."
- Nadege August

"Loveswell nearly knocked me out of my seat...laughing and crying and very very touched.  The play was wonderful and I'm recommending it to friends." - Marian Silverman

"Awesome!  I laughed and cried.  Every woman must bring her man, so they can learn how to love a woman!"
- Grace Lewitt, 6 time return audience member of Loveswell!

“Very brave confessional…Beautifully acted with the precision of a Kabuki player.  If you love someone or ever loved, this makes you rethink the state of your own relationship. Bravo! 4 Stars!”
– Director Pavel Cerny

"Loveswell is unquestionably the very best one man show I have ever seen. Its a fiercly brave, beautiful and honest portrayal of true love from the point of view of a hopeless romantic. I found the writing and acting to be incredibly moving and poignant and the parallels between my marriage and the play astounded me. I have a new found appreciation for my husband and I am inspired and awe-stuck by John Fortson's flawless and authentic acting skills". - Katie Mack

"John's acting was amazing!  We really enjoyed it.  Funny, charming and heartfelt."- Rob Pearlstein, Oscar Nominated Director

Actor-writer John Fortson possesses that rare combination of vulnerability and humor. A handsome, surfer jock with an innocent heart and an undying love for his tempestuous wife, he glides from hysterical mimicry to heartbreaking revelation in a moment.  His show really is like riding an endless wave. You won't realize you've traveled such a distance with him until the lights go out.  Bravo!"
- Susan Isaacs, Actor/Writer, Angry Conversations With God

“Amazing, amazing, amazing. (that's 3 for writing, performance, and courage for sharing)Thank you!”- Pilar Arias

"Amazing! I didn't know a man could understand and love a woman so much. This gives me hope!" - Linda Hobbs

"Raw, powerful in its emotion and honesty.  With bravery and candor, John lays bare the bones of his relationship and in doing so reaches deep into the heart of all relationships.  My friends and I were deeply moved." - Julie Seige, Writer(Supernatural)

"Loveswell was really awesome, and even though my life is very different, when it comes to loving somebody, it is very much the same. Well done!" - Jeroen Vahrmeijer

"It was so wonderful seeing Loveswell! - I've sent emails- hope to be sending people. I just thought it was tremendous.  John is such a great actor- and a great one to watch.  Authentic, generous with us. committed." - M.A.

"John - I saw your show days ago - and I can't stop thinking about it! Different parts keep coming up in my mind - it was, truly, an inspirational piece of theater. Thank you!"- Lynn Jordan, Producer

“We loved Loveswell and have told so many of our friends how great it was to see something so real and honest in a town that lives behind facades. Thanks for that inspiration!” - Jeffery Kushon

"What John is doing is truly wonderful.  I’m going through a difficult time in my relationship right now.  Loveswell really struck me and made me think.” - Ed LaDou

"I am stoked on LOVESWELL; a terrific one-man show at the Hudson Theater about love and relationships through the perspective of a surfer/actor. Funny, really well-written, wonderfully acted, poignant and thoroughly entertaining. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it." - Josh Daugherty, Actor/Producer

“John was terrific-funny, insightful, brave, touching.  This is a wonderful show, well written and well presented.  It really stayed with me. 4 Stars!” - Anonymous Goldstar Reviewer

"Loveswell is an unexpected delight. Not because I didn't think I'd be entertained, but because John Fortson portrays so vividly--and amusingly-a range of characters--those in his life that he loves best--that I felt I came to know them."- Mary Fischer (Oprah Magazine)

"The show was incredible. We talked about it on the way home and this morning! Thank you." - Janey Eisner

"I was so touched...What honesty...Incredibly raw and compelling...made me laugh and cry!" - Morgan Mead

"My husband Adam and I really enjoyed the show. We were completely impressed by John's talent." - Maria Stanton Chester 

"I want to go home and give my husband a hug!" - Theatre Goer

“AMAZING! Loved every minute of it!” - Ali Alsaleh

"My wife came home after seeing Loveswell and started hugging and loving on me.  I told her she could go see Loveswell every night!" - Jonathan Dane

"What a fabulous play and an amazing actor you are! I am blown away by your refreshing honesty and openness and just YOU."
- Lizzie Maxwell, Producer/Director

"Loveswell was really fun!" - Sharon Smith Holly

"Really beautiful work..." - Tish Hicks

"Loveswell is awesome - a poignant, touching, funny and brutally honest look at the evolution of a relationship." - Jay Shore

"a very good show... rather brave and so true..."
- Max Stefanelli

"Loveswell was really amazing!!!  John was beyond honest and we could totally relate to everything he was talking about...that's what made it so good, it was so real!" - Amanda Paul

"smart and funny!!" - Mark Fox

"John Fortson & Loveswell knocked my socks off!!" - Herb Karp

"If everyone was this honest, the world would be a better place to live in." - Anita Rich

“Fabulous.  Brought tears to my eyes and that’s a good thing!  John gets it!!” – Betsy Johnson

"Recommended!!- It's a great show..."
(Full Review from Top of Reviews)

"Written, performed, and surfed by John Fortson, Loveswell is a one-man show about the ups and downs of a modern-day relationship. With the ocean and surfing as the backdrop, Fortson invites us to navigate “the wave of love” in this terrific portrayal of love and marriage.

Fortson revives people from his past that have impacted his life. But it’s his interactions with Christie, the woman he loves, that are at the core of this story. We see her through his eyes; beautiful, loving, but refusing to do the dishes. She’s his best friend, his lover, but also the one who challenges him and it is this clashing of personalities that make this relationship passionate and entertaining to watch. We see a man desperately trying to understand the mysteries and challenges of the woman he loves, which ultimately leads him to a path to personal growth.

Overall, it’s a great show full of funny monologues with poignant moments that showcase Fortson’s versatility as an actor. There are hilarious scenes, such as the scene where he is teaching Christie how to surf where he is firmly, but lovingly instructing her how to stand up on the surfboard. This could be interpreted as the way he is trying to deal with her in the relationship; being firm but gentle, and always being the loving man (and the best man that he can be).

I recommend this show; Loveswell is a wonderful peek into the complexities of a relationship as experienced by a man. I was moved by its honesty and it’s depiction of the realities facing people today when trying to make relationships work."
- Elizabeth Lopez,

More from theatre critic Elizabeth Lopez:

Hi John,

I'm so glad I got a chance to experience your show.  I think that what makes your show (Loveswell) so great is the way in which you tell your story; in a direct and brutally honest manner. Your story is a very accurate and honest depiction of the highs and lows that couples, trying to make it work, go through, and anyone (male or female) who has ever been involved in a serious relationship will certainly relate to your story (as I did). Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the writing (script) and your wonderful performance. Good job John. Good luck with the show and please let me know of any future productions.


Elizabeth Lopez,

More from 6 time attendee Grace Lewitt:

"A MUST! for anyone in a relationship. Everyone will enjoy the wild ride John takes us on. Filled with romance and laughter and an honest look at the challenges with “the battle of the sexes" and the realities of marriage.  As a counselor to many couples, I can relate to the challenges couples face, and the hilarious truths, John portrays.  I recommend this uplifting and insightful experience to all my clients, friends and family!  John's acting and writing is charming, witty and pure genius!  The second time I saw it, it just got better!”
- Grace Lewitt

“Amazing work. Totally committed. Bold. Vulnerable. Humorous. Heartfelt. Loveswell effectively speaks to the ultimate of human experience. I was moved by Loveswell and John’s dedication to telling his story; peeling back the layers of his relationship. It was a privilege to experience this show.”
- Michael Albanese

“I so enjoyed Loveswell. John was amazing. The writing was funny, effective and poignant and the performance was off the charts. John’s movement on stage was awesome. There was a real freedom in his acting and I was transfixed. Bravo! -Ilan Arboleda

“Loveswell was a pleasure. I appreciated John’s honesty and kind expression. So brave. John’s performance proved that great men loving their women who are tuned in enough to share it actually exist. Thank You!” - Debbie Leavitt

“Great play and performance. We really enjoyed it. Great time!” 
-Steven C. Prince

“Really a wonderful show and performance. Funny, moving. Top notch. Super proud and glad to have gotten a chance to see it.” - Jonathan Dane

“I was really moved by John’s heart. Thanks for sharing your story!”
- Sheryl Cancellieri

“John was fabulous! I love Loveswell! Thank you John!!” - Tamar Kagan

“Incredibly engaging and raw performance by John Fortson. We loved Loveswell.” - Hannah Roberts

“Amazing and authentic performance by John Fortson. Loved it with the rest of the crowd!” - Jeff Prahl

“Fantastic show...A wave of love, no less! Bravo. Loved it!” - Matthew Wolf

“I loved Loveswell. I keep thinking of the idea of the idea of being being held - it seems to have struck me most. The line about being held by the wave...all blue and green, that was the bomb. I like how John tells about life, hisself, the disappointments he faces- that we all face. Refreshing in his honesty, authentic and explicit. Fodder for the soul.” -Anita Henderson

“John’s beautiful performance and sheer courage was so beautiful to witness. We both felt so profoundly touched by John’s sharing. What an incredible talent. What a beautiful love you share. What an inspiration!” -Christina Romero

"Loveswell was a solid 10. My wife and I have spoken about it since and I still think of moments in it. I loved the multi-dimensional approach you took jumping across feelings, characters, scenes, time, space, etc. I related with, and even learned from, your play, particularly about love, marriage, and the perfect surfer metaphor's application to marriage. I squarely related with the parental issues, the disappointments, and the way you captured it all. It was excellent and funny." - Robert Sainberg

"John's play is a must see for anyone who has ever been in a love relationship.  He dove right in where Angel's Fear to Tread. I saw in his acting a man with a unique gift, with a depth and ability to express raw emotions and take the audience on the journey, riding the wave of love with all its highs and lows.  As a woman I came away with the power we each have in relationships to build up or tear down. I have seen your play twice and came away with a deeper meaning and will see it again.  Thank you John for sharing your gift with so many...” - Sandra Goff

"With his perfect surfer body, John enacts the joyous, exhilarating dance of surfing.  Ably directed by Terrie Silverman..." 
- Entertainment Today

"Loveswell is an unexpected delight. Not because I didn't think I'd be entertained, but because John Fortson portrays so vividly--and amusingly-a range of characters--those in his life that he loves best--that I felt I came to know them." 
- Mary Fischer(Oprah Magazine, GQ, etc..)

"It will appeal to anyone who has passion or anyone who is trying to figure out love in their relationship because he embodies all the difficulties, the absurdities and the ironies about his own relationship…intimate, hilarious, thought provoking...
- News Press

“truly impressive”

John Fortson's solo-performance play "Loveswell" explores a surfer's struggle to balance the demands of his marriage with his love for waves, but what is truly impressive about the play is how honestly and bravely he addresses this material. The typical stereotypes we associate both with surfers and with marriages are thrown out the window. Instead, Fortson insists on 100% authenticity in his approach.  The result is an experience that raises all sorts of important questions about love, and even gives us a glimpse of the possibilities Mother Nature offers us in our search for a meaningful life.”
- Scott Grusky,

"John Fortson has taken the painful and awkward moments of his marriage and life, and turned them into a story full of hilarity and vulnerability.  If he is as he's as graceful onstage as he is on a board, he must be a fantastic surfer.  Ms. Silverman's direction has brought out the best of John's emotional and physical life, and she's made great use of sound, lighting and space.  Worth the trek!"
- Susan Isaacs, Actor, Writer, Angry Conversations With God

John’s work is what any woman wants to hear; a man thinking about and struggling with - that is, how can I be the best man I can be and yet also be "her" man, for her?  Men have become so afraid to admit they care, like a woman cares, and feel like a woman feels -- maybe even more deeply and vulnerably.  His show lays that out on the line.  John challenges the typical idea that a man has to be in charge, armored with detachment (or worse, machismo).  He’s this cool man, this surfer dude - a man's man, a natural man; but you're also a woman's man, a poet, an artist - who wants to explore the truth of what it really means to be a man -married, artistic, alive in today's society.  His work is sensitive, moving, deep, and beautifully written.  He has patience and poetry in his voice.  There is also a determination to really figure out the truth, morally and ethically.  His search for identity, both as a man and as a married man, is rigorously honest.”
- Writer/Actress Marni Pomerantz

"John's performance was engaging, refreshing and earnest. The writing was clean, honest and unflinching. The show paints a singular portrait of a man's struggle to define himself within his relationship to his wife amidst the confusing and chaotic shifting of our cultural tides. Apparently, the struggle for identity is not one that anyone can take for granted anymore, not even a straight white guy! John's sincerity and thoughtfulness was touching and inspiring. In the end, he gave me a lot of hope for the men in this town!" - Wendy Passmore

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