Terrie Silverman, Director
Terrie SilvermanTerrie Silverman, MFA, has been writing about her life and performing it for the past 14 years. She is an Artist-in-Residence at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, which has become her home as a performer as well as a teacher and director of writing and performance. She has been presented at various theaters and festivals in L.A. & New York, including MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) The Getty, The HBO Workspace, KPFK Radio, UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Dept and Highways Performance Space. Some of her career highlights include ‘4 Women for Women" which she produced and performed in, along with Laraine Newman, Melanie Chartoff, Ann Randolph, and host Julia Sweeney, working with The Bread and Puppet Theater, and dying on-stage with Sir Ian McKellan. Her latest piece is. Self-Love, Great, Another Thing I Have To Do All By Myself”.

Becoming a director was a natural extension Terrie’s performance work as well as teaching hundreds of students to tell & perform their stories. In addition to ‘Loveswell,’ Terrie has directed Bob Phibbs in I Have a Scream’ about being white and hated as the son of a Civil Rights Activist, and Songs For My Father by Mattilyn Rochester who was forced to sing gospel songs for her father’s baptist congregation and while her parents preached and protested for Civil Rights, the family was raised to be upper middle class white—“like the Kennedys”. Song’s for my Father was presented at the Women’s Theater Festival this past year.

Ms. Silverman received her MFA in the Master of Professional Writing Program from USC. Honors include winning the Jerome Lawrence Play Festival and the Silverthorne/Kemp Scholarship. These distinctions help make up for coming in second (out of four) in the Optimist’s Club Speech Contest when she was thirteen.

Terrie developed Creative Rites: Workshops for Writing, Performance and Creative expression based on her multi-disciplinary training in dance, fine art, theater and writing. By focusing on the creative process, she gets her students to free themselves from their inner-critic, strengthen their creative instincts, become brave, hilarious storytellers and discover how powerful their voices are. She’s facilitated workshops at MOCA, the Women’s Clinic & Family Counseling Center, UCLA’s Healing Arts Program, Ability Arts- for the physically & mentally disabled, Inside Out- for under-served and at-risk youth, Media Access- at the Screen Actors Guild, the West Hollywood Book Fair and IWOSC (the Independent Writers of Southern California).

Creative Rites' success stories include the following one person shows presented off-Broadway: Ann Randolph's 'Squeezebox-' produced by Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft and John Fugelsang's 'All the Wrong Reasons.' NEA grant recipient and Obie award-winner, Heather Woodbury developed, Desmond Nanni Reese, A Stripper's History of the World which toured nationally and was commissioned by L.A. Cultural Affairs Dept. Natasha Wood's ' Rolling With Laughter' was presented at Her Majesty's Royal Theater in London this spring and is now being developed into a feature film by the U.K. Film Council.

Other success stories of work developed in Terrie’s class include Catheryn Brockett's 'The Dysfunctional Family Fun Book’ and Andrea Askowitz' s 'My Miserable Lonely Lesbian Pregnancy,’ published this year, 2009 will see the release of Susan Isaac's ‘Angry Conversations With God.’

Meegan Feori, Set Design
Meegan FeoriI am a Southern Californian artist inspired by the world where the land and the ocean meet, by the moments that take place in its transitory environment. I hope that my work impacts people in a positive way by revealing what is overlooked or difficult to express. Surfing, in this context, is a series of beautiful ephemeral moments. Experiencing one for a short while, letting it go and then finding it in another wave in a different moment. Creating artwork, for me, crystallizes these moments of surfing and life that are transient, making them tangible.

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